About me...

I've always been passionate for bodywork and anything that permits the body to express itself. My studies have included Breema, Thai Massage, Yoga, Watsu, Indigenous Medicine and Spa therapies. I was certified as a Yoga teacher in 2006 Sivananda Ashram in India and began studying Thai Massage in 2005 in Barcelona as well as circus arts. With the desire to bring my practice to a higher step in which I could incorporate everything learned, I found AcroYoga in 2008.  

With the curiosity of wanting to learn new ways to explore my body, my biggest influence and studies at the moment are flying deeper and diving higher with water therapies and the magic of Thai Yoga Massage.

For the last 7 years I have dedicated myself to sharing  AcroYoga worldwide with the passion of bringing people together threw this joyful practice and loving touch offering Immersions and Teacher Trainings with the intention of reaching all communities that have the desire play, connect and FLY!

CoFounder of Chalananda Retreat Center in Mexico. This is my latest project and it was built with the intention to bring all the greatest teachers that I admire deeply to share there wisdom and light. Check it out!. : Chalananda