"The Obsidian is the seed of the volcanic forge. Volcanoes dream and  these dreams are crystallized in obsidian stone and in igneous products that makes those who work with the "black and bright stone" become masters of dreams of fire. "




Obsidian is a glass of magmatic or volcanic origin that emerges from inside the volcanoes. It emerges from the depths of the Earth, but crystallizes between 20m and 50m above the Earth's surface from where it is extracted. When the magma emerges from beneath the Earth it undergoes a rapid cooling and is then formed into a glass called "Obsidian".



I was blessed to be born in a volcanic area which makes it an abundant Obsidian glass area as well.  Ive been using the "medicine of the Obsidian" for almost 5 years now, and it`s effects and contributions to my life have been enormous. Whether you like to use the Egg, Eyes, Mirror or Bellybutton you will feel the benefits of its properties.



If you wish to know more about the obsidian or would like to acquire one please write to me in Contact.